Welcome to the Crystal Massage Techniques Online Class.In this workshop, you will learn various techniques for crystal massage. You will be instructed in the basics of Crystal-ssage including the history of massage, tools and materials needed for treatment, preparing the treatment room, ethics, and an introduction to anatomy and physiology. You will also be guided in the movements and strokes to use with your massage tools, Crystal-ssage with spheres, relaxing muscle tension with Crystal-ssage, Crystal-ssage for relaxation and sleep, and detoxifying the physical body with Crystal-ssage. You will also be instructed in ancient techniques for performing a Rose Quartz Stone Facial (with origins in ancient Egypt). Additionally, you will learn several Crystal yoga poses to incorporate after Crystal-ssage that help reinforce the healing session and bring life force energy into the body.

I can’t wait for you to get started!

Crystal blessings always and in all ways!

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