Welcome to the Crystal Reiki Online Program (Level 1).  The Crystal Reiki Master attunements will amplify the power of your natural ability to work with crystals in a healing capacity. Accepting the commitment to become a Crystal Reiki Master is a life changing experience.  This attunement course will begin with a brief section on ethics.

The first class in this 3-part series will help you learn to experience reality as it is without interference from the ego-self. This class helps you to “get out of your own way”, so to speak, so that you may become a clear channel for healing energy. This class will stress grounding and centeredness so that you can learn to perform Crystal Reiki healing to your fullest potential. This first stage of this attunement process is where the interference of your mind subsides so that your energetic senses can become fully awakened.  During this class, you will be given the first five Crystal Reiki Symbols (including the Life Cycle Energy Crystal Layout Symbol, the Kundalini Crystal Layout Symbol, the Spinal Energy Layout Symbol, the Grounding Layout Symbol, and the Centering Layout Symbol) which are central to the Crystal Reiki healing modality.

Additionally, you will be given the Reikiflow Crystal Healing Symbol and you will learn how to utilize it for cleansing and programming your crystals.

I can’t wait for you to get started!

Crystal blessings always and in all ways!

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