Welcome to the Crystal Reiki Online Program (Level 2).  The second stage of this attunement process allows you to feel a tremendous sense of inter-connectedness with the world (plants, animals, minerals, other human beings – everything and everyone around you). The focus of this attunement course is compassion and oneness with all that is. You will learn to realize your part in the wholeness of the Universe and with this realization, you will see how your actions, your compassion, and your commitment and willingness to share Crystal Reiki Healing benefits all beings.

During this attunement, you will be given the second five Crystal Reiki Symbols (including the Healing Energy Layout Symbol, the Internal Healing Layout Symbol, the Spiritual Energies Layout Symbol, the Seven-pointed Star Layout Symbol, and the External Physical Body Layout Symbol) which are central to the Crystal Reiki healing modality.

Additionally, you will be instructed in performing an Angelic Re-Alignment layout to help you through this high-energy shift in consciousness. You will also learn how to perform Crystal Reiki Treatments for self-healing.

I can’t wait for you to get started!

Crystal blessings always and in all ways!

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