Welcome to the Crystal Reiki Online Program (Level 3).  This third stage of the attunement process is where you may begin to experience oneness with the Universe. Your sense of inter-connectedness may evolve into a complete union with Universal energy, allowing you to experience Cosmic Consciousness, where you will have the potential to realize that the wholeness of the Universe is found within you.

During this attunement, you will be given the final five Crystal Reiki Symbols (including the Positive Energy Layout Symbol, the Divine Feminine Layout Symbol, the Divine Masculine Layout Symbol, the Divine Within Layout Symbol, and the Doorway Between Worlds Layout Symbol) which are central to the Crystal Reiki healing modality.

After having received all 15 of the Crystal Reiki Symbols, you will be instructed in the technique for performing a Crystal Reiki Chakra Balance. Specific stone placement and hand placements will be explained as well as how you should incorporate the symbols into this intensive therapy.

Additionally, you will be given the Happy Trails symbol and you will be instructed on how to utilize it for assisting souls that are in transition. You will also be instructed in creating a distance healing Crystal Grid to accompany this symbol for sending energy to those who cannot be worked with in person.

I can’t wait for you to get started!

Crystal blessings always and in all ways!