Gem Waters & Crystal Elixirs

Welcome to the Gem Waters & Crystal Elixirs Online Class.  In this workshop, you will learn safe techniques for creating your own gem waters, crystal essences, crystal elixirs, and vibrational sprays as well as a brief introduction to how these substances work within the body. You will also be given important tips on storing and preservation of your creations. Additionally, you will be given recipes for specific formulas (including Astrological recipes, Chakra recipes, etc.) and you will learn how you can enhance the energy of your creations with essential oils, chromotherapy, and more. Dosage and application will also be covered (including taking internally, using externally, applying to acupressure points, and using within the aura). You will also learn to channel the ethereal energy of crystals into your creations in a unique energy-infusion technique. This course will also contain a brief section on treating animals with gem waters, crystal essences, crystal elixirs, and vibrational sprays.

I can’t wait for you to get started!

Crystal blessings always and in all ways!

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