Welcome to the Sacred Stone Grids: Level 2 – The Power & Potential of Grids Online Class.This class will expand upon the techniques presented in the Spirit Whisperings Level I Grids class. Topics covered in this class include a brief review of Level I techniques, using outside and inside lines with the Seed of Life Grid pattern (creating an inner energy by using the major and minor rays), activating your grid (including Wand Activation of the major and minor rays), how to choose an anchor stone, crystal shapes and formations and how they affect grid energy, how continuous vs. short-term activation, five-stone grid layouts (including an explanation of major and minor energies, the “Angel Meditation” layout, the “Healing for Healers” layout, and the “Chakra Balance” layout), and how to successfully record your grid themes.

I can’t wait for you to get started!

Crystal blessings always and in all ways!