Introduction to Crystal Healing Online Class

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How do crystals work?  After this class, you’ll know the answer. That’s right! We’re talking physics AND metaphysics — crystal energy is where science meets spirituality.

This is where you get the foundation of crystal knowledge for the following classes.

You’ll get clarity on some of the most controversial crystal healing topics like how crystals work, crystal cleansing, programming, crystal energy, and more.


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This class acts as a foundation of knowledge for your journey with healing crystals and stones.  Topics covered in the class will include how crystals work for healing, a brief history of crystal healing, an introduction to crystal healing terminology (including basic geological terms), an introduction to crystal systems, a description of crystal shapes and formations, an explanation of the benefits of crystal healing, a brief discussion of traditional color healing properties, guidance on selecting crystals, how to clear and cleanse stones, how to activate/awaken crystals, crystal charging, programming your stones, how to dedicate/bless your crystals for healing, techniques for crystal attunement, proper methods of storing crystals, a brief discussion on respecting and honoring crystal beings, an introduction to grounding and centering using stones, an introduction to common stones and their associated properties (as well as astrological, numerological, and elemental correspondences), and a brief discussion on combining crystal healing with other therapeutic techniques.

This class is presented by Instructor Ashley Leavy. This class is eligible for 4 Continuing Education Hours approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB). It is also accredited by the World Metaphysical Association.

What’s Included with This Class?

– A 40-page class manual in PDF format
– A 124-page class slideshow in PDF format
– A 6-page class FAQ handout in PDF format
– A 4-hour class video (available on-demand for streaming or download in .mp4 format)
– A 4-hour class audio file in .mp3 format
– A bonus resource “Suggested Reading List”
– A bonus resource “Piezoelectricity/Triboluminescence in Quartz” video
– A 19-page “Healer’s Homework Notebook Pages” worksheet in PDF format
– A frame-worthy Certificate (approved for 4 CE hours with the NCBTMB) in PDF format
– Our “Crystal Healing Basics” audio file (from our Crystal Healing Workshop CD) in .mp3 format
– Our “Clearing Crystals” audio file (from our Crystal Healing Workshop CD) in .mp3 format
– Our “Awakening, Dedicating, & Programming Crystals” audio file (from our Crystal Healing Workshop CD) in .mp3 format


1 review for Introduction to Crystal Healing Online Class

  1. Doris Landry (verified owner)

    This was very nice learned a lot. Simple to understand and lots and lots of goodies.
    So much so I’m taking another stand alone class.
    Thank you.

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