Crystals for Spirituality Master Class

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Learn key skills and techniques that you need to develop your spiritual connection using your stones.

In this class, you’ll learn all about working with crystals to boost your connection to your spirituality. This Master class includes 1 video training (totaling more than 30+ minutes of instruction) as well as 1 printable handout.

You'll learn:

  • Why creating sacred space is integral to your spiritual growth and connection
  • how crystal energy can be used to enhance your sacred space
  • Expert tips for tuning into crystal energy for deep and powerful meditations
  • how you can connect with crystals in meditation
  • The best crystals for enhancing your intuition
  • simple ways to work with and receive guidance from your spiritual guides
  • Plus TONS more!
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1 review for Crystals for Spirituality Master Class

  1. Annalisa Giacalone

    Fantastic! Could you please give me where I can pay? Can I do it on my own time? Logging when I can? Do we get a certificate for this? It is USA 44 dollars?
    Regards Annalisa

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