How to Cleanse Your Crystals Course - Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy Courses How to Cleanse Your Crystals Course - Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy Courses


Discover the Secrets to Effective Crystal Cleansing and Amplify your Energetic Connection to your Stones!

Practice good spiritual hygiene regularly by discovering the keys to properly cleansing yourself, your stones, and your space to ensure a positive outcome from your crystal work.

Revitalize and purify the energy of your stones to set the stage for successful crystal work!

How to Cleanse Your Crystals Course

In my How to Cleanse Your Crystals Course, you’ll learn key skills and techniques for keeping your crystals clear and ready for use. Crystals are not just beautiful decorative objects; they are reservoirs of energy, wisdom, and healing vibrations. Over time, they absorb negative energies, become imbalanced, and lose their effectiveness. That’s where crystal cleansing comes in. This crucial practice removes energetic impurities, recharges the crystals, and restores their vibrant energy, enabling you to fully benefit from their metaphysical properties. Imagine experiencing a profound shift in your spiritual practice as you connect with your crystals on a deeper, more meaningful level. Unleash their full potential, cleanse away the stagnant energies, and open yourself to a new realm of spiritual connection.

How to Cleanse Your Crystals Course Materials
Discover must-know information and methods for crystal cleansing, like…
  • What cleansing is and why it needs to be done
  • When to cleanse your crystals (how often they should be cleansed)
  • 9 methods for cleansing your stones (including step-by-step instructions for each)
  • Answers to common questions about crystal cleansing, including common mistakes and pitfalls, and so much more!
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This class includes: 1 video training (totaling 45 minutes of instruction) as well as 1 printable handout.


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