Below are the 2022 Office Hour Calls available for your viewing!  These recordings expand a great deal on the teachings that were presented in class and will vastly add to your crystal knowledge. 

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  • Do you have recommendations for crystals for children with severe autism (behavioral challenges like aggression and are nonverbal). I have 11-year-old twin boys with severe autism. I noticed one of them loves green crystals (malachite, garnierite, amazonite) while the other likes clear quartz and amethyst. What do you recommend? I also have been told that special needs kids with autism are more in tune with the energy of crystals and the universe. Can you elaborate?
  • I have been helping family members and myself with creating crystal grids. One particular grid is for my cousin who is experiencing fertility issues, so I have been helping her with fertility manifestation. Can you please offer some advice? We have tried crystal body layouts, fertility mojo bags, crystal chakra healing etc.
  • I have a 8-inch quartz crystal wand that I just love that broke in half, I did superglue it but am wondering about a change in properties, energy, etc.  It honestly does not seem much different, and it “attracts” me energetically.
  • Another child-related question – do you have any additional suggestions for working with very young children (3 yrs.) who are showing signs of being indigo children – very perceptive, emphatic, and precog.
  • Have you heard of green and white obsidians?
  • Do you have a recommendation of a chromium/nickel-rich crystal, that is maybe more accessible/authentic?
  • What crystals can be used for protection?


  • Can you reuse a candle for distance healing if it doesn’t burn all the way, and if so can you use it for different clients?
  • Recently I did work on my heart chakra and also tried the exercise to see what crystals mean for you. Surprisingly it made my solar plexus and stomach have that sinking feeling like something bad will happen. My question is how do you work through that to avoid it all rushing back at once.
  • I have been working on The Seed of Life and Flower of Life grids. Do we need to use a specific number of crystals? What is the best amount?
  • How long do I keep a grid up? I try to activate it once in a while but lose track of how long I have had the grid up.
  • For a manifestation grid for success/prosperity can you give some unique crystal combinations?
  • Lastly, can we combine love and wealth on one grid? Or do they need to be one intention on one grid?
  • Should we keep our mandala up all of the time?
  • Can you recommend a crystal to keep on yourself when you do crystal healing? Or overall protection. I heard prehnite is a healer’s stone. What others would you suggest we wear so that we do not absorb others’ negative energies and so that our aura is protected?
  • I would like to ask about totem and spirit animals. How can we incorporate them into our crystal healing practice?
  • I’ve felt pulled to work with The Morrigan. Do you have any suggestions for what types of crystals I could use when working with her?
  • What is a great crystal to work with to help banish fearful thinking?


  • Can I cleanse my crystals with Palo Santo smudging or sage smudging?
  • Even if a solid form was created millions of years ago, those atoms and molecules are still “live” to keep the structure and therefore still create the energy to keep the shape and the resonance of the crystal? Correct?
  • I place crystal/gemstones on clothes many times it requires beads to be center drilled. Are there any crystals that can not be faceted into beads or drilled through the middle due to their composition? I get a bit suspicious when some vendors tell me they can do any crystal.
  • Is there a way to measure the energy or vibrations from crystals, or is it mostly intuitive?
  • I recently discovered a Maifanite beaded bracelet at one of the metaphysical stores I visit. I found it quite unique and loved that the description mentioned a talisman and good luck stone. When i got home i did further read more about maifanite and found out that it is the stones used in aquariums to purify the water. Its also used in your succulent pots. Its used in sewage treatment etc… basically a filter. Now this changes my perception of maifanite. What are your thoughts?
  • I found this article about the 2022 List of Critical Minerals in the US fascinating……
    Can we discuss this in one of our Q and A class?
  • Are crystals ethical? If hand dug by an adult either myself or someone I know, is that ethical?
  • What about metal coated crystals like rainbow titanium? Is there any special preparation in terms of working with them, and/or using them in grids?
  • Does the material used in creating a sacred geometry interfere or affect the crystals? For example, sacred grid (flower of life)is created using synthetic fiber with wood fiber vs carved wood or mod podge photo of the grid transferred to wood or glass.
  • What would you say are the 3-5 key points about the science of crystals that could be used to simply explain the science of crystals to the average person?
  • Is the objective for this class to learn how to create a business or to learn techniques to use however the student chooses?
  • Can you discuss whether or not it is a good idea to do the CCH course and the business course simultaneously?
  • A question from Class 1: When we talk about “flash” in live sales or on websites, which optical phenomena would you consider the term flash to encompass – or would all optical phenomena fall under this broad term?
  • I can sense the energy or aura with a crystal in my hand really well. Where do I go from there?
    How do I know what to do with being able to sense it?
  • If a layout requires a particular crystal and let’s say you have that crystal, but they are very small, would you suggest having a group of say 3 smaller crystals take the place of one?
  • You have explained that some crystals labeled citrine have been created by heating amethyst until it turns yellow. So does it take on citrine healing benefits? Or do I need to buy the natural citrine?
  • After learning about identifying crystals through their lattice work and shapes, it seems to me you must have a crystal in its most natural form to identify it this way. Most of my crystals are tumbled or rough vs. their most natural state. I’m just wondering if this method of identification only for crystals in their natural state?
  • I recently splurged and purchased a lovely large specimen of Apophyllite (1.5kg) and a very soft pink Stilbite (1.5), both from are from a Lapidary in mined in India.
    Can you share some ‘less know’ healing properties of both crystals, and your experiences in using these crystals in your practice. Did you have an “Ah Ha” moment from your past work with these beauties that you can share with us?


  • Can you take a few moments to show the best way to navigate Mindat.org when looking for specific information we may need such as mineral habit, growth system, and where in the rock cycle the crystal falls? I was trying to use the website to check the Class 1 homework, and really struggled to find what I need. There is a lot of clutter on the site when looking up a specific crystal by name and it is hard to quickly access information on there.
  • My question is in regards to crystal cleansing. I have been using rice for cleansing. To avoid wasting the rice afterward, I’ve buried a piece of selenite in the rice overnight to cleanse the rice. So far so good, but wanted to hear your thoughts on this practice.
  • In distance healing Can we send healing to remove any stress or negativity affecting the persons love life or any relationship?
  • I’ve specially decorated a room for my Crystal Healing business and don’t have room in my current house for a massage table. Can I use a bed If I get the person to lie at the edge?
  • Question from Class 4: In the spiritual community (books, online, other intuitive readers, etc.) there is always a lot of warning that comes with dowsing, stone casting, and scrying. Some of the warnings are along the lines of being aware that negative messages, entities, energies, etc. could come through or be attracted to the readings because they can also be a means of communication with spirits. Is this just an old fashioned mentality? What are your thoughts on this matter and is this something you would express caution about?
  • I would love some guidance on what to look for in a piece of clear quartz. I’ve read bits and pieces about record keepers and windows (I don’t fully understand yet). I know there isn’t a wrong or right with crystals and whatever feels right for you, but would love to know what others feel when looking for a clear quartz piece. I can’t seem to settle on one.
  • I have a question about ethically sourced crystals and unethically sourced crystals. If a crystal is sourced unethically, would the negative energies be bound to that crystal. For example…. areas of conflict like Russia right now or Central Europe. Many beautiful gemstones originate from there.
  • I have been collection shells and rocks on my casual beach walks or on my small hikes.. I realize that the US National Parks Service deems it illegal to remove rocks, plants, etc from national or government owned parks. My question…. how does “rockhounding” work then… ? How do you find rocks/minerals/gems in nature?
  • I’m collecting a rainbow of natural macro-crystalline quartz. I even have a beautiful specimen of rose quartz in rare macro-crystalline form. But I’m having trouble filling out the green and blue bands of my rainbow. I’ve seen a lot of so called natural prasiolite, but most of it turns out to be heat treated amethyst. And the only examples of natural blue quartz I’ve found are either dyed “natural quartz” or micro-crystalline (i.e. blue agate) cut to look like larger polished crystals. Is there such a thing as genuine natural green and blue macro-crystalline quartz?
  • Just finished class 6 and my partner has been great in offering to be my practice person for crystal layouts for the body. He/we have chosen the heart layout twice this week. Do you have guidance on how often the same layout should (or shouldn’t) be done on the same person? And is it ok to do an organ layout on him for an organ that doesn’t need healing/balancing?
  • When doing a crystal layout on the body, would it be beneficial to connect the crystals energetically like we would do in activating a crystal grid?
  • What are some good recipes for crystal grids for grounding?
  • I have a question regarding cord cutting. Do you have any classes on this or resources as how to do a cord cutting release?
  • I’m only on week 2 feeling very overwhelmed I really need to go thru the material 2-3 times to get a good grasp…. Anyone else experiencing the same thing? Any ideas to checking up that’s not to overwhelming?
  • When using a terminated crystal in a chakra balancing, which way should the termination point?


  • Is there any difference between Red Agate and Banded Carnelian, and Black Agate and Black Onyx?
  • Can we give crystal healing to a person who has a pacemaker or any other kind of machine?
  • In a distance healing how should we get their consent and signature?
  • If your client asks how many sessions will be required, is there any number of sessions required or how to inform/answer them?
  • How would you do a chakra or bladder layout for a man? Is it best to get them to lie on their belly and place the crystals going down their back?
  • In Class 5 the pendulum swings front to back and side to side on the Earth, Base and Throat Chakras, which is indicated in the video that these movements mean they are deficient, underactive and imbalanced. But in Class 4 it states a front to back swing is positive balanced energy, please clarify.
  • Are there any complimentary colors for the Earth and Soul Star Chakra’s if they’re imbalanced or would you just stick to the activating color for each one?
  • I’m going to purchase those lovely Chakra Pillows soon, can you put small stones on them, or do they need to be bigger ones like you use? Am I best to buy them individually with no markings on them? I’m not sure if the markings would make a difference to the energy.
  • Is it okay to do two crystal layouts back to back. For instance, perform a chakra balancing and then follow up with an emotional healing layout or layout for the spirit. If it is better to space them out, how long do you recommend?
  • What crystals do you like to use for distant healing?
  • What crystals are good to call in a twin flame love?
  • Have you thought about making your own pendulum?
  • When you were first starting out how did you go about getting hands-on experience in a crystal shop or with a mentor?
  • I have a huge crystal collection in my bedroom… I wonder if that is a lot of energy in my room. Do crystals go to sleep when I am not using them? Are there any crystals not to have near my bed at all?
  • Could you have sound healing music in the background while a client is in a layout?

june Office Hours Call

  • In Class 11, Your Crystal Mandala, a lot of the crystal suggestions for the Mandala repeat in multiple stone positions. Is it okay to have more than one crystal of the same type representing different things? For instance, can I place a raw Amethyst crystal cluster as my personal crystal, and then use a separate polished Amethyst for my Meditation crystal?
  • Wondering if you have any info on where to purchase crystals and supplies like the pendulum mat. I know Mimosa is available just wondering if there are other good sources.
    Can you over charge your crystals?
  • I noticed on the specific body organ layouts the crystals were placed directly on the clothes. Is it still ok to use the mini pillows for these sessions?
  • Are there any particular tumbled crystals that we learned about in this course that we should not hold in our hands for a long period of time (such as an hour in a meditation)?
  • With so many posts on Pinterest and google search that tell you which crystals work best for what. For example, I typed in the search box, “crystals for love and relationships” so many pop up! How do you REALLY know what crystals work for the said topic you are searching? What if a customer in the future asks me, “How do you know these crystals really work for this, or that etc.” how would I answer that?
  • Why is selenite good for charging and/or cleansing crystals?
  • What is it about its composition that makes it good for this as opposed to some other material or crystal?
  • Is hyalite opal radioactive if it’s within a Smokey quartz? If it is, is it dangerous to have that crystal?
    My question is would it block any energy if I have a big cut in my arm? Would it prevent the energy to block some energy?
  • How can we heal depression and Anxiety with healing? Pls suggest a crystal that we can keep in the pocket, under the pillow or on the table.
  • I discovered a Golden Lepidolite. Are the properties of golden lepidolite the same as lavender lepidolite? I thought that lepidolite only comes in purple.
    I recently purchased a Kundalini Citrine. Can you explain what makes this citrine different from other citrines or quartz?
  • I would like to ask about Vogel Crystals. Can you explain the difference between “Vogel Cut Crystals” and “authentic Vogel Crystals”? How do you know if you are purchasing a real Vogel crystal?
  • When doing a crystal healing on someone and you hold your hands over the stones to send universal energy, are your hands touching the stones?
    When smoothing energy during a session, is there a specific direction to start?
  • When trying to balance a chakra, and you check twice, is it possible it won’t balance? Or do you continue working until it is balanced?
    What would you do if a client falls asleep past the 30 min session mark? Can you wake them? What can you do to bring them back to the present moment?
    How long would you say a full healing session is (the pre and post discussions, plus the 30 mins client is in layout?)
  • Does it matter what type of crystals you use in a layout/grid? (i.e. tumbled, point, sphere, etc.) Also, if you are using a tower/point, which way should the point be facing? Is there a rule for this?
  • In your book on p.62 “The layout for emotional well-being” you mention the use of 7 selenite’s. Should these be tumbles or points?
  • What are the best crystals for a) motivation and b) help with weight loss (physical and mental)?
  • I have a beautiful large Cherry Quartz sphere that my partner gifted to me. I have learned (from my Rock Identifier app resource) that it is created by melting clear Quartz and cinnabar. And because it cooled rapidly it is actually considered glass. My question is, would this sphere still work for crystal ball distance healing since it doesn’t actually have a crystalline structure?
  • I keep the sphere on an acrylic ring stand which I’ve added a few small apophyllite points inside. And then it rests upon on a selenite plate. Would this help to bring in crystal energy to my healing intentions?


  • Question about crystal grids. Can you share some simple ones to start with?
  • Why does Opalite (a manmade stone) work for some people?
  • What’s the best crystal to work with to manifest money and how best to use?
  • Strawberry quartz I read was good to manifest romantic partner- how best to do this please?
  • If clients want crystal grids created what is the best way since the client would most likely not have the grid base nor the crystals needed.
  • I work at a wellness store, what is the best way to know which crystals to bring for a healing since I can’t have them all with me? I’m thinking having the client be specific as to the issue they want to address. I always have quartz, amethyst and rose quartz at all times.
  • Psilomelane vs. Mystic Merlinoite: 25 years ago, I bought a couple of pieces of Psilomelane from a rock show, and they were calling it Merlinoite. Now Indigo Gabbro is called Mystic Merlinoite TM. I actually have the handwritten carbon copy where they printed Merlinoite. Have you ever worked with Psilomelane? Also have you worked with Isua stone?
  • I have been drawn to Apophyllite verses Clear Quartz. I can tell the difference if it’s in cluster form…. but what if it’s a small raw piece or in a bead form? I see that apophyllite comes in different colors (clear, milky, some light green). How can I tell the difference of a clear apophyllite and clear quartz? Is it the number of sides the crystal has?
  • What do you do if you cannot feel the energy of your crystals? During a crystal healing, do you talk or say any mantras?
  • The world is opening up to Energy Medicine and Crystal Healing. I have been interested in quartz singing bowls and the serene frequencies of Sound Baths. Living in California, there seems to be so many Sound Healers, Reiki Practitioners, and a plethora of Energy Lightworkers. How can Crystal Healing Practitioners stand out and be unique? I feel that some of these practitioners use crystals in their sessions but don’t know everything about the crystals. The bowls itself are made of quartz crystals.
  • I have been told that the size of the crystal matters when dealing with the energy. Here is an example: Energy Protection. If needed for a house, you should have larger size crystal (or make a crystal grid) than if you would keep one on yourself as for Personal Protection (a tumbled, or as jewelry). Is this true?
  • Question on pendulums and wands. Which crystal(s) would you recommend? Is it necessary to use these tools in your healing practice?
  • Do you have a go to playlist or music to play during the session?
  • Do you ever host retreats or conferences?


  • Pls suggest crystals and the process the way to use them for Education, focus, stress for a medical student where students are in continuous stress.
  • I would like to know about crystals that we put in a glass bottle (for intentional jars). Since the crystals are inside the jar and has a glass barrier, is the energy from the crystals still the same? 
  • I have a question on Distance Healing and Crystal Grid layout worksheets and Healing Boxes. I Love your Body Layout forms and it helps me practice distance healing and keep notes for reference. My question. I don’t have a physical office and so I work from my home or on the beach with my clients. For distance healing, can I work from my sacred space in my bedroom, or should I dedicate a sacred space for healing others in another room of the house? I don’t know if the bedroom is a taboo to bring work into.
  • I recently purchased a “Phoenix Pine Rising” small obelisk tower aka an “Eilat Stone” and other say “Ajoite”. I love that its a combination of 3 crystals: Turquoise, Chrysocolla and Azurite. I thought that Ajoite was a very rare and expensive crystal. So my question, how authentic is this? Or are vendors/dealers referencing names like “Phoenix Pine” to be on the safe side? 
  • I know it is always important to work with a doctor as crystal energies are tools to help with your intentions. However, I was wondering how to work with your crystals when you are taking medicine prescribed from a doctor. Sometimes I feel blocked or “numb” to sensing the energies. I am working with my doctor, but how can I enhance my intuition and sensitivity to energy when blocked by medication. Can you recommend anything?
  • Rough vs. tumbled stones. Tumbled stones feel different to me. Does the tumbling affect the properties or the power/reach of crystals or stones? Roughs feel stronger. Is this just my perception? Likewise, lab grown.
  • I have a question on two crystals: Is uvarovite similar to green diopside? I have raw pieces of both and they look very similar.


  • When scanning the Chakras for under-active, over-active & balanced: if the Chakra is under-active and we “open” it by going in a clockwise direction, is this the same as “charging” the Chakra? Same question for over-active, except going in a counterclockwise direction would be “cleansing” the Chakra?
  • I have been advised not to use a milky quartz for a master crystal as it takes away energy as it is female and to only use a clear quartz instead, is this true?
  • I am wondering what you can suggest for a baby crystal grid’s energy healing tool. Is there the difference between the crystal grids to create from young teenage and adult elders? I am curious about the differences.
  • In the ACP class on crystal elixirs, you say to leave the Mother elixir outside or in a window sill for 7 days & nights. My question is, if I’m just wanting the moon’s energy, can I bring the elixir back inside or take off the windowsill during the day and put it back at night or does the elixir have to stay in both the sun & moon light for the 7 days?
  • I have just adopted some gorgeous Gobi desert agates that have not water, but moving SAND inside! Have you worked with these so called “ensandros” (play on “enhydros” I think). What’s your take on their energy? They seem peaceful and sturdy, having weathered the tests of tests of time. To me they are helpful with change and staying strong in all kinds of situations, and remind me to go with the flow. That things will always get better and they will always get worse, but they will never stay the same. Your thoughts?? I even have some amazing videos to show you in class.
  • On the Physical Wellbeing Layout the citrine for the solar plexus for stress, headaches, stomach issues, muscle tension or loss of appetite. Does it or should it be a tumbled stone? The picture shows more like a tumbled stone. I have one and tried this layout on myself first with the tumbled, the layout was very powerful. However, over the weekend I received 2 single terminated point citrines (to work on pancreas layout) one of the terminated points is strong and can really feel the energy. I did try it but within a few minutes he had stomach pain. so I switched it out for the tumbled. I wasn’t sure if the point would matter, if so, should it go a certain way.
  • Once done with the layout and you take the crystals off in the opposite direction, do you do anything like for the pancreas layout like sweep the energy upward? I don’t recall that in the class and had not written it down. In reference to the stomach pain with the terminated citrine, I had also worked on my friend for pancreas layout and the 1st time working with the terminated citrine and the amber on the solar plexus for pancreas he could feel that. Prior to that he did not but I had the tumbled citrine and the other was a heart shaped tiger eye as I did not have 2 citrine single terminated. Is that fine? I did put the point of the tiger eye toward the amber. Also my amber is not a stone, it is the very light weight dark brown in color like sap. Is this correct for amber? How often can or should I work on the pancreas for him? 
  • Since many of us like to use incense and sage to clean our crystals and environment as well, I would like to hear your opinion about incenses. Do you know that is safe?
  • I would like to ask about orgone pyramids and orgonite generators. These contain crystals and copper coils. However, they are created with resin. How effective are they? Many are using it for EMF protection, others for their healing modalities.
  • Doing the chakra chapter this week and I have 3 general questions. 1. Working on myself, I had to do 3 attempts on my heart chakra, is this common? 2. Is it possible to do too much? I’ve been doing it daily this week 3. When sending energy, with my sending hand, my palm gets hot. Anyone else notice this?
  • I would like to know if natural lavender quartz exists.
  • Why does some quartz change color? For example, in jewelry I saw a person who used a black tourmaline rutilated bracelet, and it looks 2 days after the first time she used like there were smoke in some beads.
  • I would like to know which is the is the hertz frequency of the clear quartz crystal.
  • I have another question about chalcopyrite whenever you get a chance and if it ever seems relevant. Some people state that it is peacock ore but others say that it is different, which is correct? Also, the identification pictures are vastly different (another major pet peeve of mine regarding crystal encyclopedias and dictionaries) “chalcopyrite” but I think it’s actually bornite.


  • When scanning
  • Is there a difference between natural vs cut double terminated quartz with regards to healing?
  • In the suggested materials list, what do you mean by a crystal ball? What exactly are we looking for?
  • I also can’t find your Crystals for Energy Healing book on your website, when will you have it in stock?
  • I was at a crystal store buying a black kyanite blade. The person behind the counter asked if I have worked with it before and I said no. She said she could feel the vibration from the kyanite sitting on the counter, not even touching it. Is this common??? I have trouble feeling crystal vibes and I want to know how to get that!
  • Is it bad to see reflections for scrying?? Isn’t that part of the point for black obsidian for mirror scrying?
  • What would a good size for a crystal ball be?
  • Do you have a recommended website for crystal balls to purchase?
  • Can you identify these crystals?
  • Have you ever heard of ufo calcite?
  • Is Brandenburg Quartz good for clearing brain fog due to long covid?
  • Can you recommend crystals that can help with past emotional/verbal abuse?
  • What’s the best way to tell fake from real from a picture?
  • Orca agate- have you heard of it? It is a powerful crystal for me.
  • What would you use sugar drusy amethyst for in healing? (Ashley identified as snowcap amethyst)
  • I have a 40-pound piece of mahogany obsidian. I live in Oregon where obsidian is in abundance. What is the best way to break it up? chipping off pieces, cutting, etc.
  • Do you have a recommendation for a crystal shop in Colorado? Maybe wholesale?
  • I want to do a distant healing not sure how to start it…


  • I want to do a distant healing not sure how to start it
  • For your altar or sacred space does it have to have windows in the room? I have a room that I could use but there’s no windows and it’s dark all the time.
  • Can you give me some insight on how you choose the crystals for the moon phases. Example for the new moon solar eclipse you chose rainbow moonstone, rhodonite and golden tiger’s eye. Do you look at something particular in astrology that corresponds to the crystal? I live by the moon phases and my birth chart so I’m very familiar with that, but I want the confidence to align the correct crystal with it all.
  • I understand how our bodies are influenced by the frequency of crystals, it makes total sense to me. But I waffle back and forth on believing a small stone can be enough to make a difference. This creates a lack of confidence in what I am doing. Would you share your thoughts, please?
  • Which crystals would you suggest to use as compliments or correspondences to Christmas or Yule?
  • Can you give me some insight how to work with shadow work healing?
  • What do you specifically use Vogel style carved crystals for?
  • Do you ever do a one on one meeting for questions about the course or like a mentor type meeting?
  • Do you do a one on one online call zoom for reading oracle card?
  • When you are doing a crystal healing session and using a “laser wand” to balance/clear a chakra, does this have to be a specific type or shape of quartz or crystal?
  • Will you/have you thought about offering/including a spiral bound book that has all of your chapters slide shows and bonus material for each class offered? I find myself frequently running out of ink.
  • In the science of crystals lesson, is there a specific section that would be most important to remember?
  • Do have a recommendation how to do work with angel healing energy?


  • I would like to ask about Crystals and Oracle decks used with some strong energies…. such as with a client who is in hospice and death is evident. I used an Angel Oracle Deck during a patient’s ICU stay for 4 weeks. Sadly, she passed away. I feel like her energies are embedded into some of the crystals and in one oracle deck that she truly had a connection with. I don’t know if I need to give the family the Angel deck or if I should keep it. What are your thoughts? Also, another Healer who used a selenite knife for cord cutting… she noticed that cracks formed after the funeral. Should she lay this selenite to rest? What are your thoughts?
  • The new year is around the corner. Can you recommend some crystals for the new year? I am interested in the unique ones.
  • I saw this fascinating article about a new moon crystal recently discovered.
  • I’m from Utah. I’ve done some rockhounding this past summer. I’ve included some pictures of red and gold jasper, what I have been told is red aventurine and green aventurine, and agatized coral. In addition, there are some pictures of red agate with celestite crystal’s within, at least that’s what I was told. The picture does not show the sparkles in the Celestite. Firstly, the little round rocks, that look like brains are chewed gum: I had the inside of a couple of them polished. Do you agree they are agatized coral? It took me some time to find someone to give them a name. Secondly, could that really be celestite within red jasper? I am wondering about the composition of celestite and how it would be growing within a red jasper geode/nugget. Thirdly, does the green stones look like aventurine to you. Fourth, what is your opinion on the red and gold jasper that I found here in Utah versus other countries of origin. Is red jasper red jasper? Or is its composition a little different.
  • Just going to ask the difference between turquoise and blue Howlite please?
  • What do you do when you lose a point from a quartz cluster, meaning it broke off. How should you use it?
  • I’m an esthetician also and I want to incorporate crystals during my facials. What would you recommend for anti-aging crystals and good detoxing crystals?
  • Question about Smokey Quarts…. I noticed that there are dark smokey quartz and light smokey quartz… which is more valuable?
  • Can you explain about lemurian quartz energy please?
  • For the next year what are the best Crystals for abundance?