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Embark on a Profound Journey into the Realm of Shadow Work to Illuminate Your Inner World and Awaken Your True Potential!

Use crystal energy to help you uncover and reacquaint yourself with your hiddenmost parts to recognize and reintegrate your shadow for spiritual healing.

Shine a light on your shadow self to embrace your wholeness through the power of crystals for healing, transformation, and self-discovery!

Crystal Shadow Work Course

In my Crystal Shadow Work Course, you’ll work with crystals to learn how to delve deep into your shadow aspects, uncovering subconscious patterns, limiting beliefs, and unresolved emotions. Imagine the freedom and empowerment that come from integrating these aspects, allowing your true essence to shine forth!

A Review from Student Alina:

You’ll discover foundational techniques for using crystals in your shadow work, like…
  • Why shadow work is a necessary part of spiritual work (including crystal healing!)
  • 5 steps to begin your shadow work practice and which crystals to incorporate along the way
  • A guided shadow work crystal meditation
  • A crystal ball scrying technique for unlocking shadow work symbols
  • Journaling prompts and workbooks to support your shadow work journey
crystal shadow work course resources
This course includes:
  • Over 2.5 hours of video lessons
  • 3 printable class guidebooks with journal page prompts (106 pages)
  • 1 printable class slideshow for note-taking (108 pages)
  • 1 printable 44-card deck of contemplation cards
  • 1 guided Shadow Work Meditation Journey mp3 (23+ minutes)
  • A printable class resource list with suggested reading & additional tools
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*PLEASE NOTE: This course focuses on a spiritual journey approach to Shadow Work and is not psychological in nature. This class is not a substitute or replacement for conventional counseling, therapy, mental health treatment, or any other medical treatment. Please know your personal boundaries and limits for spiritual journey work as it pertains to your mental health before undertaking or continuing with this practice.

2 reviews for Crystal Shadow Work Course

  1. Susie Torres

    I absolutely love this course. Shadow work is an interesting topic. I have found it difficult to find a course that resonated with me. Ashley speaks my language. This course makes shadow work understandable and it teaches me how to do it with my crystals. I have used the information to help others too. I just love it.

    • Ashley Leavy

      I am so glad that the course helped you untangle the complicated topic of Shadow Work, Susie. And I’m so glad that you’re putting it into practice! 🙌

  2. Lisa Wofford

    This was an exceptional course. I love that it has cards to do Shadow Work with. It helped me to find more balance in my life. I have been able to find peace with some Shadow aspects of myself.

    • Ashley Leavy

      We are so glad that you got a lot out of the course, Lisa. And I’m especially thrilled that you enjoyed working with the included Shadow Work Contemplation Deck!

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