Crystal Shadow Work Master Class


Shadow work is an intimate understanding of the darkness that resides within yourself - it’s the conscious undertaking of exploring this dark, interior realm of the subconscious mind and the hidden feelings and wounds that reside there. In this class, you’ll learn about the foundations of shadow work, how to know if or when you need to do shadow work in your own life, why shadow work is a necessary part of spiritual work, and 5 simple steps to begin your shadow work practice. You’ll also experience a Shadow Work crystal meditation and learn how to unlock the symbols uncovered during your meditation with a crystal ball scrying technique. Finally, you’ll receive a printable Shadow Work Contemplation Card deck and learn two key ways to use these cards, along with your crystals, to help you connect with and heal your shadow. This class also includes suggested readings lists and several journal prompts and workbooks to support your shadow work journey.   This class includes:
  • Over 3 hours of video lessons (including a recorded Q&A session)
  • 3 printable class guidebooks (with journal page prompts) (106 pages)
  • 1 printable class slideshow for note-taking (108 pages)
  • 1 printable 44-card deck of contemplation cards
  • 1 guided Shadow Work Meditation Journey mp3 (23+ minutes)
  • a printable class resource list with suggested reading & additional tools
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