Amethyst Crystals from Around the World Course


Take a trip around the world with Amethyst crystals! In this course, we'll discuss the general healing properties of Amethyst Crystals as well as how a crystal's origin & location can affect its energy. This course includes 1 video training (totaling more than 30+ minutes of instruction) as well as 1 printable bonus handout.

You'll learn:

  • The different energetic qualities of various Amethyst Crystals from Around the globe (12 variations including Brandberg, Chevron, Citrine-Headed, Green, Indian, Oaxacamer, Uruguayan, Vera Cruz, & more)
  • A discussion about other Amethyst-containing minerals like Ametrine, Super Seven, and Auralite-23

PLEASE NOTE: If you're a student in Love & Light's Crystal Healing Certification Program, you have FREE access to this class inside the bonus classes section of the student website.

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