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Learn how to craft a daily crystal practice that supports you as you step fully onto your path as a crystal worker!

Do you want to create more happiness, success, and alignment in your life? Are you looking for a way to connect with your crystals in a more meaningful and practical way? If so, then “Your Crystal Clear Year” is the course for you!

Here’s your key to unlocking a year of joy, fulfillment, and success!

Your Crystal Clear Year Course

In the Your Crystal Clear Year Course, you’ll enjoy 3 training modules full of meditations, crystal techniques, and practical guides to help you connect with your crystals daily. If you are seeking clarity, direction, and a roadmap to success for the year ahead, this is the perfect opportunity to align your intentions with the transformative energy of crystals. With this course, you’ll easily stay in alignment and flow all year long by connecting with your stones in practical ways each and every day. Discover powerful crystal techniques and manifestation practices to help you design a year that is truly aligned with your dreams.

A Review from Student Ronni:

This course includes self-check-ins, journal prompts, and more to support you on your crystal journey, like…
  • Gemstones for the days of the week & understanding your daily archetype
  • An introduction to birthstones and zodiac stones (month-by-month)
  • In-depth properties and write-ups for each of the 12 birthstones
  • A daily gratitude practice for Universal connection (including crystal recommendations)
  • Monthly goal setting for creating more success and flow in your life
  • A crystal grid recipe for motivation (plus a printable grid template)
  • Vision-boarding practice for bringing your dreams to life
  • Performing card readings for the months ahead (with tips for interpretation)
  • 8 easy techniques for you to create a sustainable self-care practice
Your Crystal Clear Year Course Resources
This Course Includes:
  • 3 video modules to guide you through your crystal clear year (1 hour of video training)
  • A 153-page in-depth guidebook for goal-setting and planning, intuitive guidance, meditation, and more (with journal prompts along the way)
  • 12 monthly card spreads for personal growth and insight (1 for each month of the year)
  • Weekly planning template with crystal & planetary correspondences for each day
  • 7 Guided Crystal Meditations – 1 for each day of the week (1 hour of meditation in total)
  • 2 printable charts for birthstones & astrological stones
  • 1 crystal meditation transcript so you can read along (16 pages)
  • Monthly gratitude journal worksheets
  • A printable 42-card deck of cards (use them as an oracle deck or as affirmation cards for your altar)
  • 1 printable digital bullet journal kit (13 pages)
  • 6 printable crystal-themed coloring pages for relaxation and boosting your creativity
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Learn to craft a crystal practice that supports you as a crystal worker – Enroll in the Your Crystal Clear Year Course today!
Your Crystal Clear Year Course

3 reviews for Your Crystal Clear Year Course

  1. Lisa Wofford (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the Crystal Clear Year Course tremendously, and I like that it talks about the gemstones from the days of the week. It helps you to be able to study your crystals on a daily basis and to be able to spend time with them and get to know them. It talks about the properties of each crystal and then about the 12 birthstones. It has a daily gratitude practice where you can write down the things that you’re thankful for each day, and it makes you more thankful for the good things in your life. It helps you to set monthly goals to plan for, and so it helps you to reach your goal because you do it consistently. It talks about how to make a crystal grid. And so, it’s mainly about self-care for yourself. I would suggest taking that course, or anything by Ashley Leavy. The courses that she has are excellent!

    • Ashley Leavy

      We are so happy that you enjoyed the course, Lisa! I’m really lad you enjoyed the gratitude practice part of the course. 💖

  2. Anne G.

    I really enjoyed the Crystal Clear Year course. It has a ~ton~ of useful, actionable content. The PDFs are extensive and beautiful. I especially enjoyed the printable deck (!) and the guided meditations – one for each day of the week!

    • Ashley Leavy

      I’m thrilled you enjoyed the course, Anne! Especially the printable oracle deck – I had so much fun creating that!

  3. Maureen

    I found Ashley when I was looking for podcasts on crystals. I have thoroughly enjoyed every episode I have listened to so far, and that led me to checking out love and light school. I am new to crystals but am confident I will learn everything I need to know in the lessons that she teaches. She has a knack of explaining things simply so they are easily understood. The amount of lessons and bonus materials available are amazing! I haven’t been this excited about anything for a long time!

    • Ashley Leavy

      You made my day, Maureen! I really do think one of my gifts is ebing able to break down really complicated subjects in a way that’s super easy to understand. Your excitement says everything – I hope the classes continue to bring you joy for many moons to come!

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