Celestial Crystals Course – Find Your Flow with Crystals & the Moon


Ready to deepen your connection to yourself and get into alignment with the natural rhythms of the universe?

In this class, you’ll work with crystal energy and the lunar cycle to find inner harmony with the rhythms of nature, connect with 8 special goddesses, and create a moon magic practice to support you all month long.

In this class, you'll learn:

  • An introduction to general moon lore
  • An in-depth look at the eight moon phases of the lunar cycle and the importance of living in harmony with this natural ebb and flow of energy as our ancestors did
  • Which crystals to use during each of the moon phases to embody and harness their energies
  • A guided crystal meditation for each moon phase
  • How to pair your intuitive work with the most appropriate lunar cycle for deepening your intuitive connection
  • A special 8-card Moon Phase Tarot spread for helping you gain insight into the best path forward, what to avoid, and what to release
  • Step-by-step instructions for creating your own crystal-charged moon water
  • Which Goddesses you can work with and call upon for spiritual support during each moon phase
  • How to create a crystal grid for the lunar wheel
  • Practices for New Moon & Full Moon Journaling


You’ll receive these materials that you can reference for years:

  • 5 class video files that you can download and keep and watch forever! (99+ minutes of video instruction)
  • A printable moon cycle wheel for tracking the 8 lunar phases
  • A printable moon cycle crystal grid template (several versions)
  • A printable moon cycle wheel for determining crystal, goddess, & moon phase correspondences
  • New Moon journaling prompts
  • A printable moon phases tarot spread guide
  • Printable moon phase & goddess cards to use on your altar or for cartomancy divination
  • A printable guidebook & cards featuring all 9 of the moon phase crystal layouts from class for handy reference
  • Bonus videos to help demonstrate the hands-on parts of our lecture
  • Additional charts and worksheets to help reinforce your knowledge
  • A 125-page downloadable class slideshow PDF to use for study & note-taking that you can refer back to without having to revisit the video (you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips!)
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