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Discover the deeper wisdom of the Tarot and learn practical techniques for working with crystal energy!

Explore new ways to develop and tune into your intuition by learning how to use your crystals in your Tarot divination practice. 

Embark on an extraordinary adventure of self-discovery, empowerment, and intuitive exploration using the enchanting energies of crystals and tarot!

Crystals for Intuitive Tarot Class

Crystals and Tarot are both powerful tools that can awaken your intuition, provide guidance, and unveil the hidden depths of your subconscious. By combining the energies of these two mystical practices, you’ll undertake a transformative journey that allows you to tap into your innate wisdom, connect with divine guidance, and gain clarity on your life’s purpose. Imagine the profound insights and guidance that await as you open yourself to the magic of crystals and intuitive Tarot. This blending of modalities will also help you stand out from other readers and offer something truly special and unique to friends, family, and clients who come to you for guidance. 

Crystals for Intuitive Tarot Bonus Tarot Deck & Journal
This course includes 15 in-depth lessons, covering topics like…
  • Ground & center you as a Tarot reader
  • Awaken your intuition before a reading
  • Incorporate crystals into your readings for others
  • Work with crystals to provide more depth to your card readings
  • Use crystals to keep your cards energetically cleared & shielded between readings
  • Create & work with your own crystal Tarot set (including Tarot & crystal correspondences)

Watch a Sample Lesson from the Course:

During the 2.5+ hours of video classes in the Crystals for Intuitive Tarot Course, you’ll discover…
  • Crystals for setting the stage and creating sacred space for readings
  • Crystals to call in the elements for magical support
  • Wearing crystal jewelry as a personal talisman for intuition & communication
  • Creating crystal essences for embodying the archetypal energies of the Tarot
  • Creating a crystal grid for Tarot meditation
  • 10 Best crystals for Tarot readings
  • A Tarot spread for learning about the energy of a crystal
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This in-depth course is broken into 15 smaller lessons and includes:
  • 15 training videos (totaling nearly 2.5 hours of instruction)
  • 17 printable handouts
  • An EXCLUSIVE BONUS printable Crystal Tarot deck (exclusive to this course!)
  • A 40-page printable Daily Card Pull Journal to track your insights



2 reviews for Crystals for Intuitive Tarot Course

  1. Judith E Klapp

    This is amazing – a good fit with where I am personally at in my spiritual development using Tarot/Crystals.

  2. Jennifer E. Cain

    I love tarot, and I love crystals. This class is awesome. It lays out what you can use and how you can apply it to your life. The teacher, Ashley, is amazing. She’s very knowledgeable, and you will love, love, love this class. If you can only take one class this year, this is the one.

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