Understanding Super Seven Crystals Course


In this course, we'll uncover the true description of Super Seven Crystals, including their make-up and formation, as well as an in-depth discussion about how to avoid the many fakes currently on the market.   This course includes 1 video training (totaling more than 45+ minutes of instruction) as well as 2 printable handouts.

You'll learn:

  • What are Super Seven crystals?
  • How Super Seven crystals form
  • Why is Super Seven trademarked?
  • Beware of Super Seven Fakes
  • How to Tell Super Seven Apart from Sacred Five, Sacred Six, Cacoxenite-Amethyst, and Red-Capped Amethyst
  • Brazilian Super Seven vs. Crystals from Canada, India, & Elsewhere
  • How to Work with Super Seven Using the Jin Shin Jyutsu Method

PLEASE NOTE: If you're a student in Love & Light's Crystal Healing Certification Program, you have FREE access to this class inside the bonus classes section of the student website.

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