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Learn about the rare Super Seven crystals and the powerful energy created from a unique combination of minerals!

Discover more about Super Seven crystals and how to work with them to promote peace, love, harmony, and deeper connections with others.

In my Understanding Super Seven Crystals Course, we’ll uncover the true description of Super Seven Crystals, including their makeup and formation.

Understanding Super Seven Crystals Course

You’ll also learn from an in-depth discussion about how to avoid the many fakes that are currently on the market so that you can confidently identify authentic crystals.

A Review from Student Linda:


Discover everything you need to know, including:
  • What Super Seven crystals actually are
  • How Super Seven crystals form
  • Why Super Seven is trademarked
  • Becoming aware of Super Seven Fakes
  • How to Tell Super Seven Apart from Sacred Five, Sacred Six, Cacoxenite-Amethyst, and Red-Capped Amethyst (stones that look similar to authentic Super Seven)
  • Super Seven vs. similar crystals from Brazil, Canada, India, & elsewhere
  • How to Work with Super Seven Using Melody’s Jin Shin Jyutsu Method



The course materials include:
  • 1 video training (totaling nearly an hour of instruction)
  • 1 printable slideshow handout (20 pages)


1 review for Understanding Super Seven Crystals Course

  1. Allison Booth

    Such a fascinating class! I feel like I have a much better understanding of Super Seven and all of its possibilities. Definitely not going to be duped by any fakes after taking this class. Thank you Ashley for sharing you vast amount of knowledge!

    • Ashley Leavy

      You’re so welcome, Allison! I’m very happy that you found the course useful (especially the information about crystal fakes!). 💎

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