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Tune into the profound seasonal energies of Yule through a daily crystal ritual as you count down the days with our Papercraft Winter Solstice Countdown Calendar!

Get ready to embark on a 21-day crystal journey towards the shortest day of the year and immerse yourself in the seasonal energies of Yule!

Are you ready to experience the magic of the Winter Solstice like never before?

Tune into the profound seasonal energies of Yule

Our Papercraft Winter Solstice Countdown Calendar is your key to unlocking the magic of crystals during the Yule season, so that you feel supported through this time of reflection and rebirth. Starting December 1st, you’ll embark on a 21 day-long journey of unveiling the magic hidden behind each numbered door — Just like an advent calendar… But with crystals! As you go through each day, you’ll connect with a crystal and its corresponding affirmation, deepening your daily crystal practice and making each day uniquely special. Just like the snowflakes that adorn the season, no two days are the same! Plus, when you reach December 21st (the day of Winter Solstice), you’ll discover a special surprise to give you a little extra Winter Solstice magic!

Winter Solstice Calendar Mockup
Discover the power of crystals during this season of hope & healing!

Yule is a festival that celebrates the turning of the wheel as we reach the shortest day of the year. This turning point, when the days will begin to grow longer, is the perfect time for celebrating hope, generosity, rebirth, celebration, introspection, and the return of the Sun!

Watch the Behind the Scenes Tour of the Winter Solstice Countdown Calendar: 
Your Winter Solstice Countdown Calendar includes:
  • Countdown Calendar with Crystals: Starting December 1st, you’ll experience the magic behind each numbered door by revealing a special crystal message. You’ll step into a world of seasonal energy and reflection with this simple daily practice.
  • BONUS Mini Guidebook: Your Winter Solstice Countdown Calendar comes complete with a companion guidebook. After revealing your crystal of the day, you’ll deepen your daily ritual by reading and reflecting upon your crystal’s corresponding affirmation. 
  • Simple DIY Magic: Crafting your Winter Solstice Countdown Calendar is a breeze! Download your template, cut out the doors, and assemble your masterpiece. For a seamless set-up, I’ve included a helpful video with crystal clear instructions so you can start embracing the Yule magic with ease! There’s nothing like crafting something yourself to add a bit of magic to your ritualwork – this simple papercraft project is the perfect way to add your own energy to the process.

Our Winter Solstice Countdown Calendar is the perfect tool for those seeking to embrace the regenerative energies of Yule and the profound power of crystals. Tap into the festive realm of Yule and deepen your experience with the darkest day of the year. Whether you’re new to crystal healing or an experienced practitioner, this calendar and guidebook offer will be your ultimate guide through the Yule season, helping you elevate your seasonal spiritual practice.

Are you ready to embark on your transformative 21-day journey? 

Get your Winter Solstice Countdown Calendar now and unlock the doorway to a season filled with introspection, hope and rebirth! Embrace the magic of crystal healing and immerse yourself in the profound energies of the Yule season! Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the daily wonders, connect with crystals, and let the magic of the season unfold in a unique and memorable way. Plus, because this countdown calendar is offered digitally, you can use the files to create a new calendar for yourself year after year and keep the magic flowing for many years to come!

Embrace Yule magic and elevate your Winter Solstice celebration with crystal energy! 

4 reviews for Papercraft Winter Solstice Countdown Calendar – Digital Download

  1. Selena Henderson (verified owner)

    Wonderful calender. Easy to assemble. Ashley has a easy to full video to follow. Great way to learn about the crystals. Can’t wait to open day one December 1. Thanks Ashley

  2. Rene (verified owner)

    Ashley, you out did yourself with this calendar!
    Absolutely love it! Not only is it fun and informative, it also teaches patience and self control. I always want to peek at what crystal is next and have to tell myself several times a day not to peek!
    Thank you so much!

  3. Carey Konopaske (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this calendar. As busy as I am this time of year, I occasionally skip a day of time with my crystals on contemplation. With this calendar, even though we are on just day four, I look at it and take a 10 minute time out with the crystal and affirmation.

    Now, if Ashley could just make us a 365 day calendar 🤔 😂

  4. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    The Winter Solstice Countdown calendar is a beautiful find. I love having this daily ritual during this Seasonal month. Having the alernative to a Christmas countdown makes me so happy. It’s beautiful and well thought out. Thank you Ashley!

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