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Learn new ways to harness your intention for healing and let your intuition illuminate the way to creating more magic in the world!

Dive into this transformative workshop where we explore the radical art of candle magic! Hosted by Cassie Uhl and Ashley Leavy, this class is designed to help you embrace the revolutionary spirit of magic for support and collective healing.

Radical Candle Magic Class

Weave the ancient art of candle magic into a tapestry of personal and collective good as we explore the gentle dance between intention and responsibility. Rather than sharing specific recipes or spells centered on personal gain or manifestation, this magical experience is focused on our collective journey toward healing and positive change.

Explore an ethical framework, crafting candle spells not solely for self-interest, but for the well-being of our community. Venture down this extraordinary path where the flickering flames illuminate the way and guide us to a more harmonious world that’s rooted in collective healing.

Radical Candle Magic

🔥 Unveiling the Magic of the Flame:
Begin your journey with an exploration of the foundations of candle magic, where history intertwines with the elements, creativity sparks deep relationships with the work, and the radical nature of this magical craft unveils itself. Discover practical applications of candle magic and how this practice can unleash the transformative power that lies within.

🤝 Crafting Sacred Connections:
Immerse yourself in the alchemy of magical materials, our companions for the work, as you learn about the types of candles and dressing supplies that resonate with your magical intentions for spellcraft. Uncover the ethical considerations that guide our choices, ensuring our craft aligns with the principles of respect and harmony for our world – honoring things both seen and unseen. Learn what creates an ethical framework for personal and collective magic as we weave a narrative of respect, consent, and responsibility.

🧘‍♀️ Communing with the Divine:
Prepare your spirit for the enchanted journey ahead. Tune in, listen to the whispers of your magical companions. Learn how best to seek consent from the energies around you and trust yourself to lean into the natural flow of your magical workings. With a focus on being relational, you’ll learn to determine which magical allies want to participate in our magic.

📜 Create Your Spell:
Delve into the magic within as you craft your own spell. Explore the intricacies of intention and our magical relationships. Draw from your ideas and experiences and be held in sacred community, fostering a collective energy that uplifts and transforms us all. We’ve included a useful worksheet that you can use to keep track of your spells and your reflections on the work.

🕯 Ignite the Flame of Transformation:
Delve into the heart of the spell, exploring the creation of sacred space, calling upon benevolent forces, and the art of carving and dressing your candles. It’s here that you’ll ignite the spark of change within as you discover the diverse ways you can perform candle spells–beyond the TikTok trends—tailoring each spell to the unique tapestry of your life and to the needs of collective wellbeing. Uncover the nuances of intention-driven magic, where our community’s best interests guide our collective path.

Unveil the Magic:
As the magic unfolds, you’ll be introduced to the profound art of candle communication and become aware of the different forms it takes, including the language of flame, smoke, and wax.

🌈 Building Collective Magic: 
Creating Bridges, Not Barriers:
Become a weaver of spells, exploring the correspondences and relationships that influence us, give meaning to our work, and even bind us together. This is where the components of our spellwork become bridges that connect us all. Learn to craft a community-based spell, paving the way for positive ripples in our shared reality. Our magic holds space for positive transformations within our community and the spells we craft serve as catalysts for a world where love and liberation intertwine.

💖 Closing the Circle with Gratitude:
Discover the sacred options for candle burning—choosing between letting the flame dance or gently snuffing it out. Here you’ll engage in post-spell observations and reflections. You’ll also learn ways to express gratitude and make offerings to the allies and energies that have aligned with your intentions and offered their support.

Radical Candle Magic Class

Dive into our Radical Candle Magic workshop to learn new ways to harness your intention for healing and let your intuition illuminate the way to creating more magic in the world.

Class Materials Include:

  • 117-page class slideshow PDF
  • 11-page printable journal and candle spell pages
  • 2.5 hour class video
  • 55-page class transcript

Embark on this radiant journey—where the revolutionary spirit magic can be called upon for support and collective healing!

1 review for Radical Candle Magic Course

  1. Kari Collett (verified owner)

    Excellent class discussing the origins of candle magic, the use of candle magic and the meaning of the colors of the candles. I highly recommend this course! I loved the “tag team” style of teaching between Ashley and Cassie.

    • Ashley Leavy

      Co-leading this class with Cassie was such a great experience and I’m so happy that you enjoyed the collaborative style! Thanks so much!

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