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Prepare to tap into springtime abundance, growth and light this Ostara with our Exclusive Spring Equinox Digital Download Kit!

Are you ready to embody the spirit of the dawning spring, plant seeds of change for the new season and tap into revitalizing crystal energy?


Embrace the radiance and reawakening of Ostara with our Exclusive Spring Equinox Kit!

Spring Equinox Kit

This unique kit has been carefully curated to usher you through the radiant realm of Ostara, empowering you to embrace the emerging light and vibrance of this seasonal milestone. Our Spring Equinox Digital Download Kit is your key to unlocking crystal magic during this seasonal turning of the wheel, giving you the essential tools and wisdom to tap into the spiritual potential of this time. Overflowing with expert knowledge and thoughtfully crafted resources, this kit will walk you through the wonders of Ostara, helping you harmonize with the profound seasonal energies

Spring Equinox Kit
Our Spring Equinox Digital Download Kit is designed to empower you to:
  • Awaken your spirit to the emerging spring:  Learn to embody the energies of Ostara, the mid-point between Imbolc and Beltane, and invite abundance, growth and renewal into your life.

  • Sow seeds of change: Uncover the rituals and practices of Ostara, like spring altars, home blessing and egg-painting. Align yourself with the blossoming landscape to cultivate new beginnings and ignite transformation.

  • Connect with the Goddess of Dawn: Honor the goddess of the dawn as her warmth and radiance are felt during this season of reawakening. Practice the traditions associated with the Goddess to let her wisdom and warmth illuminate your home.

A celebration of the dawning Sun, Ostara signals the return of longer days and the renewal of the land. As nature begins to wake from its winter slumber, it is the perfect time to ignite a fresh start, actualizing the intentions you set for yourself during the winter months.

Our Spring Equinox Digital Download Kit includes:
  • Spring Equinox Guidebook: Enter the magical world of crystals and energies for Ostara with our all-in-one guidebook. Uncover the healing properties of hand-picked crystals whose energies embody those of the Spring Equinox. Learn how to work with these stones to kickstart a season of abundance, transformation and renewal. Also included in the Spring Equinox Guidebook are correspondences for Ostara such as herbs, crystals, deities, colors and symbols to deepen your connection to the awakening land and empower your seasonal intentions.

  • Guided Meditation for the Spring Equinox: Immerse yourself in the transformative energies of Ostara with our captivating, downloadable guided meditation. Crafted to help you tune into the light, joy and warmth of the season, this audio track will engulf you in the revitalizing rays of Spring’s warmth and wisdom.

  • Spring Equinox Card Spread: Clarify and empower your intentions with our thoughtfully designed Ostara card spread. Leverage the heightened spiritual potential of Ostara with this powerful divination tool to ignite change, growth and inspiration. Use the Tarot or Oracle card deck of your choice, along with our detailed card spread instructions & interpretation guide, to access valuable wisdom and insights.

  • Spring Equinox Crystal Grid Recipe & Template: Take your crystal healing practice to new heights with our crystal grid recipe and template which have been carefully crafted to help you amplify the seasonal energies of renewal and growth.

For anyone looking to tune into the radiance, abundance and vitality of Ostara, our Spring Equinox Digital Download Kit is the ultimate resource. Embark on a vibrant journey through the realm of Ostara with rituals, divination, meditation, and of course, crystals! Whether you’re an experienced practitioner or a crystal novice, this kit is filled with wisdom and tools to enhance your spiritual practice.

Ready to venture deep into the enchanting world of Ostara? Embrace the radiance, renewal and joy of the longer and brighter days ahead! Don’t miss your chance to experience the magic that is possible when you tune into the Wheel of the Year. Get your Spring Equinox Digital Download Kit now and open the doors to a season filled with light, new beginnings, and transformative spiritual work.

Harness the power of the dawning sun and cultivate your own spring awakening with crystal energy!


3 reviews for Spring Equinox Kit – Digital Download

  1. Helen Krebs

    I appreciated the spring equinox kit! The kit was easy to use. I incorporated the crystal grid template and the meditation into my local adult education class. The pictures are very pleasant and the information was not overwhelming. it was easy for me to pick and choose what I wanted to print out. The pictures are very pleasant, bringing a smile to my face 🙂

  2. Katie Starshine (verified owner)

    I love the spring equinox kit! Very easy to follow and loads of information. The perfect kit to help get into the spirit of the season ❤️

  3. Lolly (verified owner)

    I Love the Spring Equinox Kit!!!! All of the pictures are beautiful and full of color! The meditation is super magical and uplifting!!! I made an awesome grid using the brown hare grid template. Thank you so much Ashley!!!!! You are so gifted!!!!

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