2021 SBM Office Hour Calls

Here are your 2021 SBM Program Office Hour Calls. These recordings expand a great deal on the teachings that were presented in class and will vastly add to your sacred business knowledge.  You should start by downloading the materials from this page (then you’ll have them forever and you can view them offline). 

Downloading the video and watching it offline is often a good solution for those with slower internet speeds as it allows you to play the video without any playback interruptions caused by a slow connection. The audio file is a good way to refresh your memory (you can play it on your iPod while doing laundry or dishes, etc. or you can listen to the class while you’re on the go).


January Office Hours Call

February Office Hours Call

March Office Hours Call

April Office Hours Call

May Office Hours Call

June Office Hours Call

July Office Hours Call

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August Office Hours Call

September Office Hours Call

October Office Hours Call

Topics, Comments, and Questions: 

  • Review of Shine with Natasha’s tips for planning and promoting campaigns for the Holiday Season from Ashley’s SBM facebook post
  • Instagram hashtags…to hashtag or not to hashtag social media posts?
  • New features on Instagram: Explorer page, Reels, Shopping Wish List, Saving posts from others (similar to Pinterest, creating collections)
  • Continuation of Shine with Natasha’s Campaign Outline overview, when to start, what to consider, how to prep, how to promote, posting schedule (with examples for digital & physical products as well as services)
    • What to do 2-3 weeks before launch
    • Program launch calendar
    • Nurturing your audience
    • Aim big
  • Instagram Stories – How to share others’ content on stories for your business IG account
  • Making space to put things in action
  • Natasha’s next steps – 1 week before release, start to post your launch content and finalize your final posts.
  • Learning from artists on Instagram (the process of making it an event to follow – Announce the launch details to create some excitement)
  • Launch duration recommendation based on product cost, big sales, subscription boxes, introducing new services (mini-marketing promotions)

November Office Hours Call

Topics, Comments, and Questions: 

  • Love and Light closed Sat Dec 18 to Jan 16
  • How do you find good people to outsource too? I just had a bad experience with a content writer.
  • How much do they cost?
  • How do you find time for all this?
  • How did you find your awesome team?
  • Email sequences, I don’t really know what converts…?
  • Shopify
  • How to plan for a holiday promotion? Covered in-depth in last months SBM call with Shine with Natasha.
  • Who can assist with writing a website?
  • Links for copywriters Ashley has received as referrals. Note, she has not used them, but many are more wellness-focused since they are referrals.
  • Mimosa’s Holiday Sale promotions overview
    • Samhain 
    • Black Friday Calendar timeline:
      • Announcement email
      • Reminder email for Black Friday
      • Small Business Saturday
      • Sunday 24 hours left
      • CyberMonday, last day email
    • How far out do you plan? 
    • 21-day countdown to Yule Promotion