2023 SBM Office Hour Calls

Below are the 2023 SBM Program Office Hour Calls available for your viewing! These recordings expand a great deal on the teachings that were presented in class and will vastly add to your sacred business knowledge.  You should start by downloading the materials from this page (then you’ll have them forever and you can view them offline). Downloading the video and watching it offline is often a good solution for those with slower internet speeds as it allows you to play the video without any playback interruptions caused by a slow connection. The audio file is a good way to refresh your memory (you can play it on your iPod while doing laundry or dishes, etc. or you can listen to the class while you’re on the go). 

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RTF Version of the Schedule

Note: To watch any of the videos that don’t have a separate link in Closed Caption, click the cc icon. 


January Office Hours Call



Topics, Comments, and Questions: 
  • Suggestions for reputable insurance providers, I find so many but not all seem to offer what is needed for and premiums vary greatly. 
  • I am writing to see if there is any other way to enter the SBM monthly challenge other than through the Facebook group. My co-worker is also a member of this group, I would like to keep this anonymous from them.
  • I find that I am having a confidence issue with just jumping out there and getting started. Do you have any recommendations to boost confidence and just start with my distance crystal healing?
  • I have a website, but I am really unsure how to get it “seen”.
  • Speaking of websites and getting them seen…Do you have recommendations on SEO, search engine optimization?
  • How can you build website credibility?
  • For your blog, was that built directly in WordPress and Yoast SEO just does the SEO stuff, or did you use a different plugin to create the blog itself, or was it built through the Yoast SEO? Trying to see how it all works together.
  • What about SEO for your website vs. a page or article.

February Office Hours Call



Topics, Comments, and Questions: 
  • Do you have to carry a business license with you to buy at the gem show?
  • How do you figure out pricing when you are buying by weight? This is something new to me that I have recently run into, and I want to make sure that I am doing it right.
  • Curious question about the Crystal Healer’s Datebook…Is there a way to get a digital version like a pdf?
  • Can you talk about the next upcoming success blueprint assignment?
  • Announcement: All monthly winners of the Success Blueprint Assignment Challenge will be entered into a drawing for a private Business Coaching session with Ashley!

March Office Hours Call



Topics, Comments, and Questions: 
  • African American, Disabled, Woman, Minority. Are any of these categories offering Grants for start-up capital?
  • Can we speak of credit repair?
  • What is the best system for managing even a small inventory of products, electronic vs manual?
  • Ashley do you have any time management tips for those of us that are starting out, working full time and taking classes, while trying to launch a new business? Anything that can help to see through the overwhelm.

April Office Hours Call



Topics, Comments, and Questions: 
  • How important do you think it is to be in Instagram, FB, TikTok?
  • Do you think stories are valued more than posts, or are they about even?
  • I want to ask about the Building Colleagues Network assignment, my colleagues are in the metaphysical area (psychics, mediums, tarot readers), how do I collaborate? What are some ideas?

May Office Hours Call



Topics, Comments, and Questions: 
  • I would like to know what the pentacle symbol represents. I always see spell jars with this symbol.
  • I am a huge animal lover and I’m working in a place where I constantly listen about pets getting sick, dying, people that don’t take care of them properly. It is a constant reminder about how many animals suffer.  I would like to know what is the best crystal that I can have with me to accept the things that I can’t change. Also, I have a senior dog in home and I always think about her getting sick, Etc, because I’m dealing with this situation all day. Also, some people are mad all the time and it is not easy. Please, I would appreciate it if you can tell me the crystals that can help me.
  • Trends in the US spending
  • People around me seem very interested in holistic healing, but I find that people get overwhelmed with all the options. They also don’t know who to trust and where they can safely spend their money. 
  • My final goal is to teach workshops and educate others. I’m just not 100% sure how to accomplish this step. 
  • My hesitation is how to build/develop material and course content. Where to start?
  • I was thinking about hosting a 90-min workshop helping people connect with a crystal of their choice. Some don’t take the time to do it, or second guess themself so maybe a workshop will help them take the time and breakthrough to build a relationship with their crystal. What are your thoughts?
  • I have my very first vendor show coming up with wellness practitioners, any tips?

June Office Hours Call



Topics, Comments, and Questions: 
  • When does the contest close for the SBM Assignment? 
  • And you do this contest every month?
  • Are the prompts connected to certain classes? Or can you do them if you haven’t started the course?
  • I had scheduled both courses in August but it sounds like I can jump in and out of the SBM content?
  • Thought process and activities Ashley used to develop the business and generate ideas. 
  • Virtual platforms for online selling if you already have a website, pros and cons. 
  • What to offer to get people on your email list. 
  • Hart Centered Marketing Class 11: Promo marketing and email marketing
  • More examples of free offerings to get people on your email list
  • What is the best provider for sending out a newsletter?
  • Things to consider if sending a quiz for a free offering
  • Insight timer available for free 

July Office Hours Call



Topics, Comments, and Questions: 
  • Can we review the sites that are available, that make emailing clients easier?
  • Reviewed the list of email service providers listed in SBM Class 11, Lesson 4: Email Marketing in depth with their offerings, pros/cons and things to look for when selecting a company.
  • Covered some best practices when sending a standard form email/newsletter and why it’s important to send from an email marking provider.
  • When reviewing Lesson 4 Email Marketing of Class 11 of the SBM course, there are multiple videos that work like a flowchart of things to do to help you step by step when just starting out with email marketing.
  • What is an appropriate amount of time to allow to pass before sending a follow up email, for an in-person session, a purchase, or an online interaction?
  • Provided examples on structure and timing for a variety of emails like a thank you note for coming in for a session, sending a follow up email to book a new session, or for a review of a purchase of a product or service.
  • Looked in depth at a mission statement covering the specific wording, verbiage layout, and really centering the focus of the message to grab the attention of the audience.

AUGUST Office Hours Call



Topics, Comments, and Questions: 
  • The bonus handout for goal setting and tracking in class 1 is full of information and super extensive! I’ve read it once and will read it many more times! Can you go through it in more detail? I would love to watch you discuss it more.
  • Can you do a quick behind the scenes tutorial of Mailchimp when creating different variations of things like automated emails for announcements vs. signing up for something vs. newsletter for Mimosa?
  • How do I maintain a balance, when focusing on my ideal customer I want to make sure that I am not excluding others that have an interest in what I am offering. Are there things I can do to avoid tunnel vision? I want to make sure I am not so focused that I exclude other potential customers.

September Office Hours Call



Topics, Comments, and Questions: 
  • Can you talk about looking for suppliers? Some things to watch out for, things that are common? Specifically, crystals. I’m still having issues finding a decent selenite supplier.
  • How to find a wholesaler on IG if you can’t find it anywhere else or are looking for something particular, tips for what to look for in a vendor, questions to ask, recommendations for reaching out to create a connection, and purchasing safely if from a new unknown vendor.
  • Show and tell of Crystal Catchers
  • What would you say are your top crystals you sell the most at Mimosa/that are the most desired that I can keep on hand for those who want to take a crystal home after a healing session? Only looking to keep 10-20 different types on hand.
  • Tips for creating crystal displays and name cards with pricing and properties.

October Office Hours Call

November Office Hours Call

December Office Hours Call

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