2024 SBM Office Hour Calls

Below are the 2024 SBM Program Office Hour Calls available for your viewing! These recordings expand a great deal on the teachings that were presented in class and will vastly add to your sacred business knowledge.

You should start by downloading the materials from this page (then you’ll have them forever and you can view them offline). Downloading the video and watching it offline is often a good solution for those with slower internet speeds as it allows you to play the video without any playback interruptions caused by a slow connection. 

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Note: To watch any of the videos in Closed Caption, click the cc icon. 

January Office Hours Call



Topics, Comments, and Questions: 
  • Ashley’s Daily Planner
  • Book Recommendation: Dow One Thing Every Day to Change the World 
  • Tracking daily sales pen to paper
  • Rocket book fusion is a reusable notebook, you can upload pages with your phone to your drive and can get colored pens and markers.
  • I’ve been working away on creating PDFs to sell online; I’ve just finished creating one for self-love. I was wondering if you could look through it and let me know what you think?
  • I know I need help and direction on creating a disclaimer and copy writing page.
  • Valentines Day Advent Calendar overview 

February Office Hours Call



Topics, Comments, and Questions: 
  • Trends at the Tuscon Gem Show 
    • Two types of Customers
    • Towers & Generators
    • Focus on unique mineral specimens 
    • Raw and rare pieces
  • Best Selling Trends
    • Specialty Items
    • Difference from last year in Moldavite
    • Collectible prices
    • Stretchy bracelets
  • Increase in lab grown quartz and man made versions
  • Packing and shipping vs. packing and flying
  • Upcoming Blog Post 

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