2022 SBM Office Hour Calls

Below are the 2022 SBM Program Office Hour Calls available for your viewing! These recordings expand a great deal on the teachings that were presented in class and will vastly add to your sacred business knowledge.  You should start by downloading the materials from this page (then you’ll have them forever and you can view them offline). Downloading the video and watching it offline is often a good solution for those with slower internet speeds as it allows you to play the video without any playback interruptions caused by a slow connection. The audio file is a good way to refresh your memory (you can play it on your iPod while doing laundry or dishes, etc. or you can listen to the class while you’re on the go). 


January Office Hours Call



Topics, Comments, and Questions: 
  • Where can you find info on the latest crystal trends – specifically for those of us that have crystal retail businesses. Are there industry newsletters? Specific accounts, websites, or people you follow? I feel like I’m always three steps behind with the latest trends (shapes, styles, etc).
  • I follow a bunch of people on IG, and as soon as I see like…. druzy towers for example or cubes instead of tumbles…. they’re EVERYWHERE and by the time I get them in stock, I feel like we’re on to the next thing…
    • Where to buy crystals
    • Ethically sources Crystals 
    • Additional wholesale vendors 
  • Any advice on first crystal offerings/services virtually? What are services and/or products that have been enjoyable for you to create and/or asked for by clients?
  • SBM Materials and guidance  
    • Ask how you could adapt that or change It in some way to make it your own and share it with your customers?
  • Facebook group for recommendations
  • Does anyone have suggestions on website development? I’m not overly techy so need to find some help on setting up a new business site.
    • Website platform options
    • Key things to have ready before you create your website

February Office Hours Call



  • I have a question for those who have crystal shops…Do you do live sales? For Ashley, I know you take a reservation for your live sales, why? And any tips on how to run it…? Basically a standard idea, pros and cons? 
  • Do you have to wait until you have a certain number of followers?
  • Are there companies that you know who will handle all the social media management for a new start up biz?
  • I’m tech challenged to be honest, would you consider live sales and Instagram the best options for drawing business.
  • Email campaign is more effective?
  • How do people manage their distance healing sessions, specifically, how do others connect with their clients? Do you for example use zoom or another platform, and keep the client online for the whole time you are doing the crystal healing or do you connect at the beginning and end?  Also do you play music or keep it quiet through the process?
  • Love the idea of a week full of crystal workshops – do you have any info on how to find those? What groups offer these workshops?
  • How do you handle ugly comments or things like that?

March Office Hours Call



  • I have a video to sell. Is there a quick and easy way to create a 1-page landing page that accepts payments (like inserting a PayPal.me link) but can also collect an email address, and then be able to automatically send that person a follow-up email with a link to a digital product? I do have ConvertKit.
  • I haven’t finished any of my crystal healing studies, yet do a lot of other things. Hoping to get there after this year. Do you have any input on my website?
  • I’m trying to get my crystals online to sell for my business but really I’m just trying to figure out pricing for crystals if there is a place where I can find good and fair prices to put on them and also I just started my pages for my business and I am trying to figure out how to get customers. I guess my next step would be getting a website made. What I do know is I have put well over 50,000 of money in crystals so I have the inventory so now its getting them online and getting them sold. I don’t know if I am holding myself back from being nervous of not selling them or if I am just really having an issue with figuring out how to build my perfect website. I have tried but I don’t like the colors like I have my image in my head. I just need to figure out how to accomplish it on the web. so any feedback with these issues would be super helpful.
  • What are the most simple and economical website templates or website host when your just getting started with a spiritual business.
  • I am starting off by giving Free Reiki/Crystal sessions with Family and friends. How many freebies should I give before charging a fee?

April Office Hours Call



  • How do I separate compassion and finances in a spiritual business?
  • How to manage burn out and self-care and still revitalize self and business?
  • I just started a new job this week, I left a very toxic environment for this new job. My problem is, I know this isn’t what I want to be doing either. I really want to open a business where I provide Reiki and crystal healing, but I am feeling paralyzed with fear and anxiety about making the leap, but at the same time I know this is what I really want to do. Any advice on how to move forward?
  • I’m currently building my eCommerce store providing products for my ideal client or customer that’s primarily in the healing arts like reiki, crystal healing, yoga, herbals space. I still will provide and share info to all potential customers with a mindful and healing arts background. Would love your suggestions on products or trends you are seeing on your favorites like crystal items, books, tools to carry, etc. 
  • I myself am in the market for upscale wooden tarot card stands, I’m also interested in anything musical singing bowls, drums, triangles, etc. I am also still in search of animal grid boards and grid kits.

May Office Hours Call



  • How will you know about the good sources of products that are good quality and not fake or a good high value? For example, the lavender healing oils how would you know if the product is good quality?
  • I’m wanting to figure out how to prioritize developing new offerings. What do you find most useful to find out what clients want next?
  • I’m looking to upgrade my (in-home) crystal shop to an automated system. I do pop ups on the weekend and manually write down sales on a carbon sale book. What POS program do you use as well as inventory tracking program? I’m currently just using excel spreadsheets to track inventory and manage my sales. As for live sales and online sales, I invoice through PayPal.
    I’ve been looking at the clover station solo. Thoughts?
  • I currently have a wix website. With domain rights. Can I shift over to Shopify?
  • I’m going to be launching an energy healing group program in late summer/early fall. I was thinking that one of the perks or bonuses would be that each participant receives a crystal kit, based on the concepts we’ll be working through together. However, I don’t sell crystals. I also don’t want to have to package and ship them. Would it be a good idea to partner with a crystal shop who could be responsible for sending out the crystal packages? I am still trying to think about the logistics of this before making any moves in this direction. Thanks for any ideas/suggestions on how to go about this.
  • I don’t have a particular question but would like to hear how everyone is getting on.

June Office Hours Call



  • Any advice (or templates) you can share on writing descriptions for crystal healing sessions? I’m stumped as to how to keep it concise enough for a website, but intriguing enough to garner interest. 
  • What payment processing for your website do you recommend?
  • What is the estimated overall cost to expect for WordPress and the add-ons for payment processing?
  • Which jewelry company is your necklace from?

July Office Hours Call



  • I am having a hard time getting motivated with my little business, and not fully sure on what products to make. I make products to help people heal their pain and relieve ailments, essential oils.
  • I am on the verge of announcing my business to the public, was thinking of doing a 50% off sale for the first 6 weeks or something, what do you think or how do you recommend doing a launch sale?
  • My concern is confidence, so far I’ve only been charging my cost, I guess I’m afraid if I mark things up so I make a profit no one will buy anything, but I know having a business that’s not making money isn’t sustainable either (for a crystal selling business). Been intuitively selecting and ordering crystals from other retail shops (not wholesale).
  • For things other than crystals, I believe you previously said Abound, Creaote, and Faire were good places, I can’t remember if one was better than the other or they were all good. What are the pros/cons or other places to consider?

August Office Hours Call



  • I was thinking of having products both in a physical store and also considering doing a drop ship from a vendor. For the website set up, would you recommend separating that into separate pages on the website?
  • I would prefer not to ship items from in the store, and only doing the ship option from the drop ship vendor. Do you think that would be a disadvantage?
  • I’m starting my business over, do you have any suggestions to get new clients?
  • Will you review my website? 

September Office Hours Call



  • Please, what crystals do you recommend to help us to finally start new projects? Sometimes we are just waiting and waiting, and we don’t take any action to move forward. It looks like something is holding us.
  • So along with that, would you say the intuition and clarity crystals would be best to help align, say if you keep experiencing delays that are outside of your control and you feel like you’ve been tackling all the necessary steps to get things going in the right direction?
  • Is there a crystal to help specifically with aiding in a smooth transition and reduce setbacks?
  • Crystal recommendation for when feeling overwhelmed and overexerted, and burnout?
  • My sister is in reflexology school and her teacher said I would need to contact the city I’m in and ask for approval to have my business there. Have you heard that?
  • Do you have thoughts on logos?
  • Any advice on making your own oracle and tarot cards?

October Office Hours Call



  • What are some of your other favorite crystal books?
  • Crystal books for beginners

November Office Hours Call



  • Ashley discusses the new monthly activity challenge and shows the contents of prize, the Sacred Business Operations Handbook!

December Office Hours Call



  • Ashley goes over the success blueprint activities, where to find them in the SBM course, and how to enter the monthly challenge to win your own copy of the Business Operations Handbook
  • Where is a good place on your website for a mission statement?
  • Would you have a reference to go to for examples of code of ethics?
  • Is the Operations Handbook available for purchase?
  • I find that I’m having challenges with Marketing, the how and where to market…suggestions?
  • I have a hard time with what kind of video to do for an energy healing business…

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