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The all-in-one organizer to help you dream up & create the crystal filled lifestyle or business you’ve always wanted!

Includes a printable datebook planner, monthly vision boards, space for goal setting, project planning, how to use crystals in your life and business, & MORE!

My Crystal Healer’s Datebook will empower you to harness the infinite power of crystals and unlock your true potential. Say yes to a year filled with growth, abundance, and harmony!

Crystal Healer's Datebook

Imagine having a beautifully designed companion that not only guides you through the entire year but also serves as a personal sanctuary, nurturing your spiritual growth and enhancing your connection with crystals. The Crystal Healer’s Datebook is your all-in-one compact business companion that will help you dream up and create the sacred business or healing practice you’ve always wanted.

Crystal Healer's Datebook Materials
This Printable Datebook Features:
  • A printable, 414-page datebook planner

  • Monthly vision boards and goal reviews

  • Space for goal setting and project planning

  • Heart-centered marketing challenges and client follow-ups

  • Exercises for self-care, weekly reminders and check-ins on your own intuition and oracle readings

  • Guidance on gemstones for each day of the week, crystal correspondences for each astrological sign, and how to use these crystals in your life and business

The Crystal Healer’s Datebook isn’t just a tool for your crystal healing practice – it’s a companion that encourages self-care and mindfulness. You’ll be able to finally live the true sacred lifestyle you’ve always wanted! This printable datebook really is everything you need to build the thriving healing business and lifestyle of your dreams. Embrace your inner healer and watch as your personal transformation unfolds.

Join hundreds of crystal enthusiasts who have already experienced the magic of the Crystal Healer’s Datebook. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enrich your life and elevate your spiritual practice. Order your printable copy now and embark on an extraordinary voyage toward love, light, and crystal-infused bliss!

3 reviews for Crystal Healer’s Datebook – Digital Download

  1. Lisa (verified owner)

    Love this planner!! It is just what I needed for my astrology and tarot readings and will be so helpful in keeping me up to date with my appointments and client info. It will also help keep me motivated by using the goals and reminders that are in there. Great product, great company, great staff. I recommend this for anyone working in a holistic or metaphysical career. Anyone working in the wellness field could benefit from the resources included in the planner. LOVE IT!!!!

    • Ashley Leavy

      Thanks for the lovely review, Lisa! We are so happy that you’re pleased with your planner and we hope that it has been serving you well in your Astrology & Tarot practice! 🙏

  2. Jean Kring (verified owner)

    Since I do not run a business and am newly retired, the use of this date book/planner will be a bit different. Ashley has recently made videos of her junk journals and it occurred to me that I might need some sort of way to note things and keep me on my spiritual journey. Also, lately I require personal organizational skills and have noticed that I am not staying on track. So with that being said, I purchased and printed out the book and will be starting it on December first 2023. After looking at the printed materials, I had forgotten just how the wonderful the the book is laid out. From goal setting strategies to checking in with yourself to see if goals were met and self care. I do believe this was offered just when I needed it.

    • Ashley Leavy

      I really appreciate this feedback, Jean! I think this datebook has a LOT to offer for folks who just love crytsals and the little business check ins for those with a healing practice are just an added bonus. I’m so glad you agree! May it serve you well! ✨

  3. Natalie

    I am in love with the Crystal Healer’s Datebook! I was searching for a diary like this all over the internet, Amazon and in traditional bookshops and I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Then I was guided to Ashley’s datebook which is literally perfect for me. I love that it combines sacred business tracking with self-care – the two things that are top of my list at the moment. Hot tip – I uploaded the datebook into the Goodnotes app on my iPad and use the Apple Pencil to fill it in! It’s great because it saves on using paper and ink for printing and I can also upload photos onto the pages to create my vision boards and oracle readings! I LOVE using it in this way!

    • Ashley Leavy

      This si SUCH a great tip about using the Goodnotes app Natalie! Thanks so much for sharing that! 🙌

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